Sucab-Fi Product line

Super-concentrated product line manufactured with the latest generation raw materials combined with the manufacturing technology AVISE (High Viscosity Stabiliser), which works by improving the viscosity, surface loading and stability of the formulated solution. Despite the high concentration of the products, our innovative manufacturing technology enables us to increase the storage period considerably, maintaining stability, solubility and improving foliar absorption.
  20 liters can10 liters can5 liters carafe1 liter bottle
Sicabax (REF: SF-1)A concentrated silicon (23%) and calcium (20%) suspension suitable as a tissue fortifier of the plant for foliar or root application. Acts by increasing the crop's resistance to fungal attacks, whilst increasing fruit quality. Likewise, the product has a high drying effect in foliar applications, which gives it an important preventive action in oomycosis caused by the accumulation of moisture on the leaf surface.
Sucab Calcibor (REF: SF-2)A concentrated calcium (32.4%), boron (0.2%) and zinc (1.8%) suspension, which has a much higher calcium content as compared to liquid chloride and nitrate based fertilisers. Its application is effective and safe for the crops despite the high calcium intake. Sucab Calcibor is absorbed quickly and its effect on the plant's interior is long lasting. The application of the product ensures a general increase in fruit quality. Likewise, greater resistance to post-harvest fungal diseases and the immediate prevention and correction of physiopathies related to calcium deficiencies are obtained such as:
Bitter pit of the apple tree; Apical tomato rot; Pepper rot;
Tip burn of the lettuce; Cracked cherry, nectarine, peach, plum and citrus.
Sucab Magfos (REF: SF-3)A concentrated phosphorus (29.7%), potassium (5%) and magnesium (6.8%) solution used as a source of the elements which it contains and in the prevention and control of magnesium deficiencies by foliar and root application. Its special formulation prevents blockages of the sourced phosphorus and exponentially increases the assimilation of magnesium free of nitrates, sulphates and chlorides.
Sucab Mag + (REF: SF-4)A concentrated magnesium (33%) suspension, of maximum stability and solubility, free of sulphates, nitrates and chlorides and highly effective as a nutritional source and not only anti-deficiency of the contributed element. The application of the product increases the plant's photosynthetic activity, increasing the greenish colouration of the horticultural crops without an uncontrolled accumulation of nitrates in the leaf.
Sucab Manplus (REF: SF-5)A maximum stability and solubility concentrated manganese (27.4%) solution, specially formulated to correct severe deficiencies in foliar application. The application of the product increases the synthesis of proteins, cellular respiration and multiplication, the luminous reaction of photosynthesis and the production of colouring pigments in fruits.
Sucab Zinplus (REF: SF-6)A maximum stability and solubility concentrated zinc (40%) solution, specially formulated to correct severe deficiencies in foliar application. The application of the product accelerates the process of cell multiplication, increases the synthesis of natural hormones and the production of enzymes which intervene in the synthesis of colour.

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