Natural-Est Product line

Formulated product line combining top quality mineral raw materials, with natural origin organic molecules, which enable a substantial increase in the effectiveness of the treatments carried out.
  1000 liters can20 liters can5 liters carafe1 liter bottle5 kg aluminized bag1 kg aluminized bag
Preventox (REF: NE-1)A liquid concentrate specially designed to promote the synthesis and accumulation of phenolic compounds and phytoalexins. It is characterised for being a highly stable and rapid absorption product. Acts by increasing the plant's own resistance to trunk, neck and root rot produced by different fungi.
Radox (REF: NE-2)A concentrated liquid rooting bioactivator, designed to promote the root development of the plant at critical stages. Its formula combines amino acids, polysaccharides, macro and microelements with natural marine origin phytohormones, making it a highly effective product.
Hormox (REF: NE-3)A soluble concentrate formulated combining amino acids, highly assimilable molybdenum and natural phytohormones of vegetable origin, causing the product act as a biostimulant for fruit setting and growth processes.
Maturox (REF: NE-4)Product designed to act in fructification and ripening stages causing increases in size, accelerating the typical processes of ripening (increase of sugars and fatty components and intensity of colouration). Its innovative formulation combines macro and microelements, specific amino acids for ripening and fattening and the FMM compound, very rich in natural cytokinins and auxins.
Potenca (REF: NE-5)A concentrated calcium (15%) and magnesium (0.5%) solution, with a high concentration of nutrients combined with the natural biostimulant BHM which promotes maximum BHM assimilation. The application of the product ensures a general increase in fruit quality. Likewise, greater resistance to post-harvest fungal diseases and the immediate prevention and correction of physiopathies related to calcium deficiencies are obtained.
Fosfofast (REF: NE-6)A special liquid fertiliser concentrate, having a high concentration of phosphorus (32%) associated with the natural biostimulant which promotes maximum BHM assimilation avoiding blockages caused by low temperatures or water stress. Its special formula makes the product highly effective as a rooting enhancer, flowering and fruit setting.
Nitron-Ca (REF: NE-7)A liquid concentrate with high levels of nitrogen (9%) and calcium (15%) combined with the GBA Nanoparticle Complex Biostimulant, which favours the maximum calcium assimilation whilst avoiding the losses of the sourced nitrogen. In this way, a greater resistance to post-harvest fungal diseases is obtained, and the physiopathies related to calcium deficiencies are foreseen and corrected immediately.

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